What Makes Good Design?

Three simple steps:

  1. Idea

  2. Legibility

  3. Visibility


The first step of creating your brand's identity is to first nail down the exact idea. The idea behind a business is what strives it to succeed. To show new clients, audiences and people your brand is the next big thing, you first need to sell your idea.

Selling the idea begins with the logo, make it spell out what you do - for example, dsign is a play on the word design, which is the basis of our brand's identity. You don't necessarily need to express your full idea in the brand's logo, but this is where you sell it, enticing them to learn more.


The next thing you will need to learn about is legibility. Two words come to mind when I think of legibility; clutter and simplicity. The biggest mistake that businesses make with their branding is that they want to get so much information out there that they end up cluttering designs, as well as pages. What clutter does is confuse the viewer, leading them to not know where to start, and will distract from the idea that you are wanting to sell. The key to success is simplicity, show the consumer the way, point them to your idea, and how they can benefit from it.

This should go without saying, but try to refrain from using extravagant and flashy typefaces for your logos, we know everyone loves to ironically use comic sans but it just distracts from the message that you are trying to say.


Visibility and legibility may seem like similar themes, but in brand identity, they both play different and important roles in propelling your business. The term visibility refers to what makes your brand stand out. The most successful brands in the world have become noticeable by even the colour that they use for their logo/identity, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. Now, we aren't expecting you to become a multi-million/billion dollar company overnight, or even in a year, but your brand needs to stand out, it needs to be unique, and it needs to be authentic.

With a word, you can sell an idea, it's just how you use that word that counts.

The true key to selling your idea is really to be yourself; be honest and put yourself out there.

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