Does SEO Matter?

Throughout the past few months we have been growing our business. A few of our clients' needs have been centered around optimising for search engines, and while it is important to maximise your 'net' of influence, I have questioned if SEO matters as much as it did.

Social Media

The rise of social media has introduced a new wave of marketing tools focusing solely on the interpersonal relationship of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. During the last few months the majority of our business growth have been through Facebook, while our website has been used as a platform to display our works and expertise.

From Facebook we can gain new clients through job groups or posting on our Facebook page, the audience is much more personal and instant, you can begin corresponding with new customers with the click of a button.


Websites are fantastic marketing tools, as I see them being the hub of your brand network. The website is the perfect tool to display your portfolio and show that your business means... business. As well as a portfolio, your website provides links to your social media pages. Social media links to your website and your website links to your social media, this creates and ecosystem in which customers can choose their avenue in which to get in contact with you.


While SEO does not dictate the success of your brand, it still may be useful to optimise it. The more avenues of influence you have, the better. I am just saying that there are more than a few ways to gain influence, with the like of social media and websites.

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