Recently, Tesla has unveiled one of the most polarising products since the internet was split on whether or not the dress was this colour or that colour.

Shown above is a beauty shot of this pickup truck, with its stark angles, industrial steel panels and futuristic glass windows.

This may perhaps be the most brilliant form of marketing to date. Tesla is at the head of innovation in the electronic vehicle industry, revolutionising the way we commute to work on a daily basis. This event reminds me of Apple in some ways - with the introduction of the notch on their displays holding the camera and sensor tech - although it remains to be seen if other companies will follow suit in designing much more minimal and brutal vehicals.

What this pickup truck does is split the industry wide open, break the status quo; stop the process of slowly iterating on the same cookie cutter designs. This vehicle is a statement, telling the world that Tesla means business when they say innovation.

People keep referring to the DeLorean of the 80's with its futuristic appeal. The only difference is that the future is now, in 2019, or whenever this truck will be on the roads.

The most intelligent design is the design that is different. If your product sticks out in the crowd of products, if it innovates, if it causes others to strive to catch up, then you are doing business right.

Already, the Cybertruck has racked up over 250,000 orders (people virtually queuing in line to be able to order it,) let's see how successful this product goes on the become.

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