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Designing the Future of

Business in New Zealand

Design and Marketing for Maximum Impact

Great design can make the difference in business. Our design team knows and understands the importance of seeking a brand that is head and shoulders above the rest in legibility and expression. The core of our design process relies on understanding the fundamentals of design and the need for a brand that stands out and stands the test of time.

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The perfect blend of traditional and digital work

Our team is multi-talented; experienced with design whether it be physical or digital. Our knowledge of multimedia pushes the boundaries of UX design and allows for the most effective and accessible product for both the client and the user. Throughout the development and design phase of our process we work together in a collaborative environment to ensure the client receives the highest quality of work to suit their needs and grow their business.

Proven track record of success

We have a proven track record of success with our clients, working with small businesses and individuals all over New Zealand to develop and improve their brands and images. The key value for AH Media is putting kiwi businesses first. The target for our works are to grow local businesses and improve the quality of media in the small business sector.



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